Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Blog Bashing

Just a note about my last post. Thanks a lot to all those who got in touch to say they liked it and agreed with me. Unfortunately, I have been threatened with some pseudo-legal action, so have decided to remove much of the content. This pains me massively, as I am a firm believer in freedom of speech and the right to publish opinion. It's something women have had to fight for...so believe, the irony of this particular situation isn't lost on me. I'd also like to stress that I have looked into the implications of the accusation against me, and they are limited. My papa dearest is a lawyer, luckily I'm told I'm largely innocent in the eyes of the law. My blog may be in the gaol, but at least I'm a free woman for now!


Clarissa said...

It's getting so that one can hardly post an honest opinion in one's own blog before a bunch of people (who seem to prowl the Internets looking for reasons to be offended) start trying to shut you up. Has any one heard of the freedom of speech?

I'm sorry you had to censor your own post! What you do is very important and I wish you the best of luck with avoiding such people in the future.

em_321 said...

Thanks Clarissa, that means a lot.

Susan said...

Beware, big brother is watching ... it's a crazy, creepy world out there and so sad that responsible, intelligent people are treated with such suspicion. Suggest you don't let institutionalised paranoia make you paranoid!

Yasmina said...

God, this is ridiculous! This woman does her own PR meaning she is willing to be in the public domain - yet she can't take criticism. You'd think with the freedom of speechissues going on in Iran at the mo, this bint would have the moral decency to shut the hell up.

Eliza J said...

I just had a read through your censored previous post. I completely agree with your commentary on women's magazines.
I read the Sunday Times avidly and my friend and I are constantly lamenting the lack of a similar publication as a women's magazine. Where's the intelligence? Where's the depth?
I hazard a guess to say that they are aware of their 'fluff' status but are not willing to admit it. Fair play for your honesty!

Ivania said...

WHAT?! THIS IS INSANE!!did conde nast contact you!? I am sooo curious what you wrote! ther must be alot of truth in it for them to make such an issue out of in!
I am soo curious, can you email it to me? ive-c@hotmail.com

roxy B said...

I'm sorry your freedom of speech was infringed upon....

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Jess Mason McFadden said...

I don't know about the article or the content, I do, however, know how it feels to be banned. I salute you in your commitment to your own and others' right to free speech. Speak up! We're behind you. In solidarity.