Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Tilda, annoying? Whatever!

Cruisin' through the Christmas TV schedule and finding zip, I settled on a rundown of The Most Annoying People of 2008. These list shows are ideal for falling asleep to - I like to think of them as televisual Diazepam, if Diazepam added painful Jimmy Carr asides to its list of possible side-effects.

Anyway, I was shocked and appalled when they named Tilda Swinton - brilliant actress and all round impressive human - as one of these such people. What the hell? Now, if Swinton doesn't immediately spring to mind as one of the more irritating slebs out there - thats because you haven't really thought about it in detail yet. Clearly you must perservere past all the accolades that make her appear OK - great acting, vegetarian, stylish etc etc etc. You're forgetting one thing - and the thing that makes her annoying in the eyes of this completely crud TV show...SHE DOESN'T WEAR MAKE UP ON THE RED CARPET.

I believe one unknown commentator actually stated "Who does she think she is that she can turn up to the Oscars without any make-up on?" Er...she probably thinks she's Tilda Swinton - who doesn't bother trying to conform to the ridiculous Hollywood prototypes expected of actresses. She should be commended for that, not ridiculed. Jeez.
Incidentally, that programme has been on about 20 times since its Christmas premiere. Next year, instead of criticising women who dare to rebel against type, maybe the show's creator could nominate themself...or at least Jimmy Carr.